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Thursday, 14 March 2013

About Me :)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!Thank you so much for spending your time here.You can contact me via instagram or facebook (i deleted my twitter) as stated below.

I love love listening to music and I take lots of selfies tbh,I posted them sometimes on Instagram so make sure you follow me there and maybe we can be friends? why not?Plus,im a DIRECTIONER since 2012.I really really love One Direction and Zayn(he left the band sobs sobs).

I have two siblings,a sister and a brother.Im the youngest!Im a blogger since September 2012 and I always try my best to update my blog for you guys to read.

 Short Biodata
Full name;Norazzah Afizah Binti Jailani
Age:16 years old(2016)
Birth Date:6 April 2000
Favourite Colours:Pastel Colours
Favourite Food:kfc,pizza,ice cream,chocolates
Favourite Drinks:Watermelon juice
Hobbies:Sleep /Listening to music

5A's in UPSR *checked*
10A's in PT3 *checked*
9A's in SPM 
iPhone 6 *checked*

 Social Medias
facebook;Azzah Jailani

6 Surat Cinta:

  1. Cbox takde?Btw nice blog :D blogwalking here! Visit my blog:http://anishawesomelahsangat.blogspot.com/

  2. Dah ade dah sygg :) thanks sudi lawat blog aku yg usang ni :) oke,i'll visit n follow ur blog dear :)

  3. @IrdIrdina saya ambil tempahan dear.kalau nak,contact saya kat fb :)


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