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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Im Back

Hai semua!Good Evening!

                          Lama gila tak update blog,well im quite busy this year...haha!bajet mat salleh -,-.
Dah bebulan kalau  tak silap . Rindu jugalah dengan blog ni.Kebelakangan ni takda mood nak update blog (takda topic sebenarnya).

                            Well guys?How's your holiday? FYI,Im going to my grandma's house at Kinabatangan for one month this holiday and finally im back in Tawau yesterday!Felt so tired along the way.(speaking konon)I've met all my little cute naughty cousins there,miss them so much!Can't wait for next year.As all of you know,next year i'll be in form 2 at SMK Tawau.Miss all my friend much :*Also excited to meet all my new teacher.Hopefully 2014 is more better than 2013.

                           By the way guys,there's many happy and sad memories that I've created this year.There's also many challenges that i've faced.Im going to tell you guys about a Korean Drama that makes me crazy because of the actor !!!!! Guess what?Minho oppa!! The Inheritors~Tengoklah gambar ni ,cuci cuci mata,by the way,they looks good together right?Watch it to know more!


Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye!

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